About Us

Our Journey

Salt Fork designs was the vision of Garrett Radford at the age of 15.  Garrett started creating original designs in leather when he was 13 years old.  In 2016, he wanted to expand his creations to include engraving metal so that he could build bits and spurs.  He was too young to travel long distances to attend engraving school, so his mother packed up and went with him.  She thought that if they both attended, they could more easily remember the techniques and could help each other. Engraving tools are expensive, so Garrett created a business plan, got dressed up and set about to get a loan from his grandfather.  His grandfather was a retired bank president who raked Garrett over the coals.  He asked him every conceivable question that could be asked of a loan applicant.  Garrett's grandmother actually felt sorry for him as she listened to the interview. Because Garrett had presented a good business plan and had answers ready for everything that the loan officer asked him, he received the loan. Now he could purchase engraving tools and could begin engraving in his garage. In addition to engraving schools he worked with two bit and spur makers, one of whom also made jewelry.  At that point, he started making jewelry. More tools were needed in addition to metal and stones.  Garrett's mother found a jeweler who was willing to work with Garrett, so again he traveled to practice his craft.  This time it was evident that he had greater aspirations, so his mother and grandmother traveled with him to learn to make jewelry. Salt Fork designs was created and the 3 jewelers went to work in a garage to make jewelry.  Garrett is the main designer and fabricator and his mother, brother and grandmother work in a support capacity. Salt Fork Designs products are totally made by hand.  Size, design and materials may be chosen by the client by special order.  When there is additional time, jewelry is made for sale through this website and from the studio.

After working in a small garage with one lightbulb and no heat or air conditioning for over a year, in January of 2018, we were fortunate to purchase a building on Oklahoma Blvd in Alva. After a remodel to bring the building in line with our vision, we opened our custom jewelry store.  To fill the expanse of our new space we invited other makers and artisans to display and sell their creations in our store.  After operating in that way for a year, we decided to make the trip to Dallas Market and bring retail into the store.  The arrival of our products began in September of 2019.  

To Shop

On Line:  Salt Fork Designs.com
Facebook:  facebook.com/saltforkdesignsandmore

Brick & Mortar:  140 E. OK Blvd.
                           Alva, OK 73717

Store Hours:  Tuesday-Friday 10:00-5:00
                        Saturday- 10:00-2:00
                        Since there is often only one person at the store, we are                                sometimes closed for lunch and to run to the bank or post                            office.
                        We take our store to trade shows, so we are closed some                              weekends to attend those events 

Email:  saltforkdesigns@gmail.com
Phone:  580-748-8005